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  • Nauczyciel jogi

    Cześć! Czy wiecie może ? Co powiecie o tych poradach, które podlinkowałam?

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    Bardzo trudno jest znaleźć jakiegoś dobrego nauczyciela jogi teraz.

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      You know, this is such a thing ... I am a very modest person. I have long wanted to learn how to dance beautifully, but to go to a special club, where there are a lot of strangers to me, I can’t, at least kill me. Immediately close, close, looking for flaws in myself against the backdrop of confident beauties. I was already thinking of leaving this venture, but my mother decided to please me - on the site she found me a tutor-choreographer, with whom I can deal individually, without prying eyes. In the first classes I was shackled, but she revealed me so much that now I am not afraid of anything. I will definitely show myself at the graduation.