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  • root samsung galaxy ace

    3G networks in India is quite underpowered. Even speeds of up to 21Mbps in the offer, nothing really reach the standard in practice. Network Speed in Galaxy Ace with 3G network peaked at around 1 mbps that is actually significantly lower than the theoretical capacity of the phone (7.2 Mbps). But I think it's mainly due to the limitation of the network, not the phone.

    The phone was very quick to find available connections even when the net there was a new one. Usually, I was quick with the available connections in 10 seconds. But acquaintances networks connected within 5 seconds after operation. WiFi has a good selection too. It is maintained at least 1 bar until about 25mtr indoor.

    Wifi Error - Wifi would not turn on until you reboot. The frequency of this was greatly reduced since the update to Android 2.3.4 but still occurs occasionally.
    The same problem affects the wifi hotspot. By clicking the Mobile AP case (see below) will not turn on anything.

    Bluetooth on Samsung Galaxy Ace is rated Class 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), which is capable of transfers up to 262KBps. A closer speed achieved during my test with a similar spec-d laptop transfer rate hovered normally around 230 kbps which I think is not bad. But the download speed with another mobile of the same specs were around 100kbps tops. I do not know what made the difference, it certainly was something.