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get ready jailbreak iphone 3gs 6.1.6

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  • get ready jailbreak iphone 3gs 6.1.6

    The network abuzz with outraged comments from other owners of this iPhone, you see how your phone starts to become obsolete for certain applications. "Now I wont change apparatus. Had it not been for this would have continued to use it until it broke, "explains Teresa Martin, 28, upset about being doomed to a new expense. The company accuses Apple message programmed obsolescence of their mobile phones. Servicing of WhatsApp answered all complaints with an email type, which attributed all responsibility giant apple: "Apple does not allow new application updates are compatible with both iOS 6 [last editing system operating] and earlier versions, ending support for the iPhone 3G. "

    The company, founded in August 2009, refers to his blog, in which, before the barrage of questions, accuses Apple of programmed obsolescence of their equipment. "Apple is restrictive in many ways, but this time it was not his fault," argues Christian Delgado a telecommunications engineer who has managed to solve this problem in your partner.

    Apple does not provide the number of 3G models still active in Spain. Just four years after its marketing, those who have not already purchased a new phone are forced to do so. Some, like Clara Cortina boast fidelity. "I do not want any other type of smartphone, I want an iPhone," says this 27-year old Valencia is also untraceable to their WhatsApp contact. While for Teresa Martin, the incident has filled your patience. Do not want to see an apple or Shopping Cart.