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how to clear itunes cache

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  • how to clear itunes cache

    The updated iOS 4.3 operating system, which coincides with the marketing of the new iPad 2 brings several improvements like the new version of iTunes 10.2. The update optimizes the synchronization process and improves considerably when files with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the star of the company Apple devices share. Launch of the new iTunes version 10.2.

    Apple has released version 10.2 of its free iTunes application for the new update of iOS 4.3 operating system that allows you to browse and play your iTunes library. This enhancement allows an optimal process of synchronization with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, in addition to many improvements in the process of downloads. Talks between Apple and music producer .

    The imminent release of the new iPad 2, iOS 4.3 update and the new version of iTunes 10.2, has attracted interest from Apple to expand its musical offer music download unlimited. To do this, the Cupertino company, according to the Bloomberg website, is negotiating with several multinationals like Warner Music, EMI, Universal and Sony. The agreement between the two parties could be confirmed by mid-year. Negotiation for unlimited music downloads.

    Bloomberg anonymous sources indicate that Apple is negotiating the possibility of acquiring unlimited music downloads for multiple devices with an alternative to the current cost. The aim is that customers are not limited to only one download per file because, at present, the music can be downloaded in iTunes once. If the files are lost, no backup so that users are obliged to repurchase the download. Download iTunes with guarantees.