I love every time you want to test a range of Android tablets run the application, and one of them did not show up in the market or some errors in the Nexus. Need for Speed: Most Wanted, for example, was a strange graphical artifacts. But the film is playing well in the Netflix user interface is sluggish. Asphalt 7: Heat, one of the standard test games, did not even appear in the search. Sometimes you will lose focus sensitive animation or text input box when searching for Google Play store exit release MX Video Player operator popular.

I think that the problem of getting Android 4.3 quickly resolved by the authors update their work, and many of the applications of these problems.I have GP2, paper monster, the trigger of the Dead, and other applications such as Photoshop Touch and implementation did not take these beautiful birds do not see this problem in the main application other than Google. The most important thing Netflix and Amazon's Kindle app, and Google Chrome browser, here is a very well executed.

I would recommend E- e-ink reader for many of the semi-infinite battery life and crystal still maturing, but this will do a good job with the comic book and children.Is always a struggle, Google Android Tablet: make art platform to third-party application and speed. I still do not like the application for TV.com screen slab of CBS, and application design "ugly", but this can be found through a search, the Google homepage Store a play that only a friend of the disk may change.